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Dr. Michael Koontz, Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Koontz grew up in the United States. He comes from a family of Chiropractors, his father and two of his uncles are Chiropractors. At a young age he experienced and recognized the value and benefit of Chiropractic care and decided to study to become a Chiropractor. After completing four years of undergraduate studies in Biology and another four years in the Doctor of Chiropractic educational program he graduated from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Parallel to his studies at Life University he took seminars covering a unique and specialized chiropractic system known as Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific. This system focuses on the close and important relationship of analyzing, adjusting, and caring for the first two bones in the neck (the Atlas and the Axis) called the Upper Cervical spine, and a vital portion of the nervous system, known as the brain stem. He was also a part of a chiropractic mission trip in El Salvador, South America. He moved to Greece in December of 2008 and is currently the only Doctor of Chiropractic in Greece trained and certified in the care and maintenance of the spine and nervous system through Upper Cervical chiropractic.